New for 2018


We have a two new orienteering courses ready for 2018. The “Basic” is a first timer course, perfect for a group or family. It’s a leisurely paced adventure, fully mapped and ready for any budding map readers. The “Intermediate” is a more detailed expedition and can be carried out as group or individuals can compete against each other. All of the course are situated in the beautiful woodlands of Fota Island Resort.

Puzzle Plotting:

The forest and path ways are covered in clues, the maps and the storyline are handed to you. Then the rest is up to you. Read the map, find the clues, solve the puzzle and complete your mission. You will be given a dossier, you will become your characters and your adventure begins. Puzzle plotting is a themed outdoor family adventure, played at your own pace, but be warned, not everybody is who they seem to be.

ECO tours:

We have begun the process of determining all of the flora and fauna in the beautiful Fota Island Resort and we will have an ECO adventure tour available in time for the 2018 season. You will have to locate the hides and use the equipment (quietly) to identify the birds, make notes of the wildlife trails and find the oldest tree in the resort. These are only some of the options involved in making your trail more educational.