Our schools adventure programme caters for Primary and Secondary Level including transition year programs, it is essential to get in touch so we can tailor a package suitable for your school. Our military themed outdoor games and activities require team work and are designed to be fun and engaging whilst instilling ambition, strengthening self-belief and self-confidence. Our packages promote a healthy and active lifestyle for schools through physical activity and social and mental well being.

Obstacle Course: The corner stone of the adventure campus is the custom built obstacle course. This sounds like a half kilometer of hell but don’t be afraid, it’s also the most fun on the island. You can run through it in time trails or you can work as team taking the “dead bob” through it. Whatever your choice it is an absolute must as part of your schools visit.

Find the Sniper: If Fota Island Resort is your own private island, then “Find the Sniper” is the fort you build out of couch cushions in your front room. We have purpose made Ghilley suits that match our surroundings, so this is the ultimate hide and seek, military style. This is a game truly adored by all and provides memories for a life time, provided we find everybody at the end of the day…

Medevac: One of our team-building activities that bring the best out of your students using tried and tested military medical evacuation techniques to complete your mission and save the mannequin.

Battle PT: Battle PT is a daylong physical training evolution that stops only for hydration and nutrition. This not for the faint hearted, but encourages team work and support among your pupils, and sleep.

Survival/ Bushcrafts: We have purpose made pod areas for bushcraft and survival skills, where you retire over to the knoll and begin your return to the wild. You’ll learn a variety of new skills, including shelter building, fire starting and bush cooking. You may even pick up a bit of whittling, trapping and tool making to prepare for “outback way of life”.

Schools Survival

Archery: We have a purpose made archery section in the adventure campus, where your instructors will fully equip and demonstrate how to use your bow and arrows. The environment is totally different from the norm, the woodlands are your playground and your targets are among the trees. Test your skills and become an excellent marksman or “toxophilite” if you please.

Schools Archery

Combat Archery: Experience the hunger games in real life, but without real arrows tips. Instead we have foam tipped heads. We operate under licence from Battlezone Archery, so our combat zone is one of the safest in Europe. We set up the combat zone to cater for the numbers booked in, up to a maximum of twenty people at any one time, so let the games begin…

Kayaking: Experience the beauty of Fota Island Resort from the water, spend an hour and half under the guidance of our fully qualified instructors kayaking, playing water games and enjoying the beautiful surrounding. Helmets and buoyancy aids are provided, wet suits are not needed, nor is the ability to swim, so arrive, paddle and prepare for a little bit of splashing.

Schools Kayaking

Transition Year:

Week-long activities packages are available, please get in touch to discuss your schools requirements.


"I have taken TY groups out with Spike Island Adventure on three separate occasions and each time when leaving the first question I have been asked is "can we please go back again"!
The students enjoyed every second of their adventure. The positive effects the experience has had on their relationships with each other, team work, communication and problem solving skills are very clear to see.
Ken and Terry run a tight ship! It is a very professional, safe and fun program. And to be honest from a teachers point of view very relaxing and enjoyable! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a challenging and exciting trip for TY students."
Tara Nicdomhaill - Colaiste Daibheid